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Fundraising @ THT

Fundraising at THT 

THT Super Heros: Photo by Vincent lcq

As part of their ongoing strategy to keep the message of safer sex and HIV in the public’s mind, the team at Terrence Higgins Trust have embarked on a range of fun fundraising activities. On the 15th May THT joined the event “Brighton’s Hero’s Run”, organised by the charity “Passing It On”, a charity that helps help build funds for Schools in Africa, along with host of other fundraising groups dressed in an array of costumes. Amoug the many Supermen, super women were Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble complete with their stone-age car and even Super Gran. As well as being a lot of fun, THT raised an impressive £2000 on the day.

Ten days later THT were at it again with another fund raising project, this time with veteran drag queen Masie Trollete (the brilliant David Raven) getting a roasting over at the Charles Street Bar. Before that image goes in the wrong direction, the roasting was of the comedy sort, where those who know Masie best shared showbiz tales, witty gossip and gags as well as taking time to salute David for all of the fantastic fundraising he has done for the Brighton LGBT community over the years. The night raised a fantastic £741.22 for THT. With such success of both fundraising ventures,  THT hope to make the evening an annual event.

Despite the medical advancements made in helping people live with HIV, there is no clear evidence of the long term effect protease inhibitors (the medications that combats but does not destroy HIV in the body) will have on the individual.

Events like these are a great way to remind all of us of the importance of safer sex, particularly with the latest results released from the Health protection Agency (HPA)  In a report released by the Health Protection Agency to mark the 30 year anniversary of the first HIV on 5th June 1981 in Los Angeles,  epidemiologists are predicting that the number living with HIV in the UK will hit 100,000 by 2012.

If you would like to get involved with the next  THT fundraising event or have a brilliant idea to help raise awareness and money for the organisation in then please get in touch with the THT Brighton office: 01273-764200.


Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) HIV Groups

Peter Boorman: THT Groups Coordinator

Peter Boorman: THT Groups Coordinator

Before joining the team at THT, Peter Boorman worked as a health promotion coordinator for the THT branch Eastbourne.

As part of the health promotion team, we visited the local gay venue, The Heart, as well as the local cruising areas on a regular bases, promoting safer sex through a range of literature. We also made people aware of the fast track HIV test service that was available. (Peter)

Peter moved to THT (Brighton) in June this year, where he and his team continue to support existing groups as well as setting up new support groups. These include:

What Next?

‘What Next’, Is a 6 week group work programme which supports newly diagnosed HIV+ men that have sex with men and answer some of the many questions they have when first diagnosed. It is also a good opportunity to meet other people who might be going through a similar experience.

What Next?, meets in Brighton city centre on a weekday evening in a safe and confidential space. 


H2, is a 6 week peer facilitated group work programme for men that have sex with men that are living with HIV and Hepatitis C at Terrence Higgins Trust in the centre of Brighton. The group aims to answer some of the many questions you have and support you in making difficult decisions about your diagnosis, treatment and living with co-infection. It’s also a good opportunity to meet other people who might be going through a similar experience.

H2 meets on a weekday evening in Brighton city centre in a safe and confidential space.

The Lounge”

The Lounge, is a peer facilitated support group for men that have sex with men who have been living with HIV for over a year. The group meets on a Wednesday evening from 7pm till 9pm every 2 weeks and runs for 8 sessions. Members find this group an essential part of their lives as often they have no one else to talk to about their status and draw strength from each other’s shared experiences. The group also provides information on HIV and related subjects often inviting in speakers to talk to the group on specialised subjects.


Fastest, is a rapid HIV test for men who have sex with men using a finger prick blood sample. Results usually take an hour and it’s a walk-in service so no appointments are needed. We have space to test 10 people and there is an option for a Hepatitis and Syphilis test too.

Fastest is every Monday evening except on bank holidays from 6pm till 8pm. arrive early to ensure you get seen. Clinic staff can arrange a priority appointment at the Claude Nicol if any further screening is needed.

Face to Face

This is a sexual health advice service for men that have sex with men. This service is aimed at those that want to gain more information about sexual health or to discuss risks they have been taking and looking at the options available to them.

If you’re having relationship, alcohol or drugs issues that are also affecting your sexual health choices then this service could be of use to you. We can also sign post to other relevant services and will work with people for up to 3 x 1 hour sessions.

If you are interested in any of these services all you need to do is just call, email or pop in.

If you are interested in any of these services please call Peter Boorman on 01273 764200 or email peter.boorman@tht.org.uk

Tim Procter. THT, Welfare Rights

THT Welfare Rights

THT Welfare Rights

Tim Procter. THT, Welfare Rights

Tim first became involved in welfare rights for people with HIV back in 1985. He   volunteered for THT (London), providing voluntary support and advice once a fortnight to people who where struck down with HIV; a condition that at the time was deeply misunderstood.

You have to remember in the early 1980’s, if you disclosed your HIV positive status to a member of the benefit agency, it was quite likely that you would be evicted from the building; such was the fear of the condition at the time.                                                        Tim Procter.

 Tim continued to volunteer for THT, while working full time as an interior designer. By 1988, the increasing demand for welfare advice, allowed Tim to take on the role as a fulltime, paid worker.

1998 Tim move down to Brighton, where he took on the role of welfare rights at Open-Door until its closure in 2008. From there he moved to the Brighton branch of THT where he continues to give support and advice on welfare rights.

 Presently, Tim and his group of volunteers offer a range of servicers to people seeking welfare advice and support. This includes an advice-line that Tim runs every Wednesday between 10am until 1pm. Tim is also available, via an appointment only, between Tuesday to Thursday and alternate Fridays for one to one advice on all aspects of welfare rights for those living with HIV, Including:

  • Benefits if you are sick or disabled
  • Benefits for people in work or on low incomes
  • Benefits if you are considering a return to work
  • Benefits for individuals and families, across the life span

 One of the important roles Tim presently offers is support and advice centred on the changes currently being made to the benefit system as a whole. For example, those in receipt of income support and incapacity benefit will eventually be reassessed and moved to the new employment and support allowance.   

 The eight stage assessment is quite complex. However, Tim is running group workshops, enabling people to understand what the changes will mean and how they can tackle the various aspects of the form. With the demand for his servicers at an all time high, running the workshops allows more people to be seen.

Running the workshop groups have proven very popular. Not only because it allows more people to become informed about the changes being made, but it also lets people ask questions, share advice and identify problems before they arise.                                         Tim Procter.

Another very important service Tim offers is helping people who wish to return to work. Previously, the benefit system often trapped people. However, over the last few years reforms have been made making the transition back into work a little easier. For example, there is the permitted work scheme, which permits people to work up to 16 hours per week, while retaining part of their benefits. Another option to those who feel they may want to work more hours, there is the opportunity to do so with their weekly income being topped up with tax credits.

 With the current administration making sweeping changes to the benefit, many people may be left feeling unsure what their options are. For some good advice on all aspects of your welfare rights, you may wish to speak to Tim or one of his trained volunteers. As formerly mentioned, Tim works at THT from Tuesday to Thursday and every alternate Friday; please be advised that he can only see you via an appointment.  

 Because the service Tim provides is in such high demand, it is advisable to contact one of the other servicers that THT offers first to see if Tim and his team are the right people you need to see. These include the advice line, picking on a leaflet from the THT office or making an appointment THT’s health advisor Mandy South to discuss matters further. 

To make an appointment or to discuss any matters concerning HIV/ Aids, please call reception on 01273-764200.







Who’s Who at THT (part 2) Diana Senior Councillor

Diana Rowe: Senior councillorDiana Rowe: Senior Counsellor at Terrence Higgins Trust, Brighton.

Following a successful career in TV production at the BBC, Diana Rowe moved to Brighton in 2004 seeking a new challenge. She had trained as a Person-Centred counsellor in London and in Brighton. Her counselling experience includes working for the Brighton Women’s Centre, Mankind UK as well as managing Age Concern’s counselling service.

Diana started her role as Senior Counsellor at THT in Autumn 2009 and now works alongside four qualified volunteer counsellors. This service offers anyone affected by HIV a safe place to explore any issue(s) that are causing them concern or stopping them from moving forward in their life.

How do I access the Counselling Service at THT?

Anyone affected by HIV can call the main office on 01273 764200 and ask for counselling, giving their contact details and then Diana will call you back. If you are not sure and just want more information about the service you can always talk to Diana and/or be sent a counselling service leaflet.

Some people may be referred to the counselling team at THT. This could be via the team from the Claude Nichol / Lawson Unit, the Community Specialist Team or the Sussex Beacon. Other clients are referred by another department within THT if they feel it would be beneficial to the client. They include, THT’s HIV Health Trainer, Mandy South, Welfare Rights Worker, Tim Procter, or one of the outreach team from face2face. Please note the face2face service is for gay and bisexual men only.

I’m not sure counselling is for me.

Diana and her team fully understand. Because of this, the first session is tailored for the client to discuss their counselling needs and to progress from there.

For some people talking to a stranger about their intimate experiences can seem a very strange thing to do, however people report how helpful it is to talk to somebody neutral, outside their every day life, as a sounding board and a way of exploring different perspectives. Diana Rowe: Senior counsellor. 

How quickly and many times can I see the counsellor?

Due to the high demand of this service an immediate appointment is not possible, however Diana will call you within a week and your first appointment is usually within a couple of weeks. After the initial meeting, a contract is entered into between yourself and Diana or one of her team. You can have up to twelve sessions.

Some clients can find the thought of twelve sessions daunting, so discussing how many they think they can commit to initially can feel reassuring and of course this can be expanded later. Diana Rowe: Senior counsellor. 

 Diana and her team have a wealth of experience behind them. If you feel that you could benefit from using the counselling service at THT, then give reception a call on 01273 764200 to arrange an appointment.

12 Amazing Date Places In Brighton and Hove

Brighton and Hove is the gay capital of the United Kingdom, thousands flocking every year for the infamous Pride Festival. Not just a gay attraction, Brighton and Hove are steeped in history and culture, especially the creative kind. There is a veritable treasure chest of attractions to meet your date’s tastes, and here are just  12 of the hundreds of things you can do on that special date.

Ross Boat Tours
For a laid back date, take a stroll along the beach to West Jetty of the Marina and climb aboard the Ross Boat Tour. You will have three options for their boat rentals: a 90-minute mackerel fishing adventure, the 45-minute pleasure trip, and finally, the 25-minute speed boat ride, one that will speed up your already racing heart.

Brighton & Hove Seafront
Once you have returned to dry land, spend some time with your partner strolling along the Brighton and Hove Seafront. Take a lazy walk and soak up the sun during the day, or watch sky change colours as it sets over the Channel. If you are feeling puckish, you have many small cafés and restaurants to choose from, and at night the seafront really comes alive as the multitude of nightclubs open their doors – Brighton is renowned for some of the best clubs in the UK.

Brighton Museum And Art Gallery
Brighton is a Mecca for arts and culture, so how about a more sophisticated date at the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery. The museum boasts an abundance of modern art that will intrigue even the most discerning connoisseur. You’ll experience the permanent exhibits known at the gallery, and as this may be, there are pieces always rotating, so you’ll witness something different on every visit. The best aspect by far is the free admission!

The Brighton Sauna
During the 18th century, Brighton and Hove became a popular destination for bathing, and this status has remained for over a century. Take your date to Sauna and gift them a rejuvenation and intimacy only the Brighton Sauna can offer. The sauna only costs £15, with a student discount admission of £5. The Sauna can hold a maximum of 20 people, and as well as the relaxation facilities, it also provides a dining area, massage area, a wonderful 15-seat cinema. As you are on a date, you may want to hire one of their 20 private.

Blanch House – Brighton
I’m sorry, but there really isn’t another city quite like Brighton and Hove for a proper party atmosphere on a night out. After a heavy night partying, stay at Brighton’s sexiest hotels – Blanche House. Being Brighton’s first unique boutique style hotel, you’ll experience true class, as it has set the standards so many try to emulate today. Sip amazing cocktails surrounded by crimson draped and drown in complete decadence.

Helicopter Ride – Brighton
Brighton is a city packed with every kind of entertainment you could ever dream of. To make a massive impression on your date, whisk them skywards in a helicopter, where you can view this vast seaside city from a very unique angle. One you’ve both landed, find a bar, restaurant or art gallery, and talk about the breathtaking ride and what you fancy.

The A-Bar
If the hectic club scene isn’t really your cup of tea, check out the A-Bar. Attached to the Amsterdam Hotel, this bar offers the best for a casual nightlife experience. 2011 saw it completed renovated and now provides a relaxed and elegant atmosphere. Spending an evening here will ensure you and your date have nice conversation with a beautiful backdrop of the English Channel.

The North Laines
The North Laines are known as “the heart and soul of Brighton”, a unique shopping experience tying all of Brighton’s culture together in one place. However, the North Laines are not actually lanes per se, but more of an area of connecting lanes – it’s easy to get lost. The square mile of land guiding you down to the southeast from Brighton’s train station is home to over 300 shops, 37 cafes, 22 pubs, 4 theatres, 2 museums and a library. Take your date for a wander around the North Laines to really get what Brighton is all about.

Brighton Pride is July 3rd this year

Brighton Pride is July 3rd this year

Brighton Pride
2013 is said to be the most exciting year for Brighton Pride, one of the most talked about and celebrated festivals in the UK. For the first time there’s a Brighton Pride Arts & Film Festival 19th July – 4th August – this includes special screenings of LGBT interest movies at the Duke Of York cinema, as well as art and photography exhibitions, encouraging even more involvement with our community. Another welcome addition to the 2013 line up is ‘Pride at the Fringe’, a season of spectacular Pride Gala shows taking place with the Brighton fringe festival at the amazing Ladyboy’s Sabai pavilion. This is the perfect place to take a date, with so much on offer and an ultra gay atmosphere.

Kemp Town
The gay Brighton village Kemp Town’s main focus is around St. James Street and the gay seafront venues east of Brighton’s infamous pier. There’s a massive choice when it comes to shopping in Brighton, with some of the most unique shopping in the UK, from the North Laines to gay-friendly Kemp Town. From kitsch to cool, there’s something to satiate every gay and lesbian taste.


The sister cities of Brighton & Hove have established themselves as a mecca for queer people from near and far, and will be the perfect backdrop for whatever  intimate scenario you have planned. Whether you are seeking to celebrate a new relationship or stoke the fire of an old one, you will find what you’re looking for here. If you want to have your dream date in Brighton & Hove but don’t have somebody to take with you, don’t fret as there are many options for you.

There are many local community groups and meet-ups you can check out, online dating websites and chat line options (Check out Gaynetwork dating) are rising in popularity for people to find each other in their quest for love and companionship.

If you let yourself be shot by the arrow of Eros and make your way to Brighton & Hove; it will be an experience you will not regret.

_ _ _ _ _

James is a writer who lives in Hove, works in London and loves all the scenes in Brighton & Hove. Creative and also loves Eco living. If you would like to contact James here is his LinkedIn


Outings and activities with Brighton HIV Project Peer Action

Last month saw Peer Action thrusting their collective hips during their outing to the Rocky Horror Show, bringing together all those affected by HIV to meet new mates in a social setting, away from the usual gay scene.

Peer Action Brighton HIV Project get ready for the Rocky Horror Musical at Theatre Royal Brighton

Peer Action get ready for the Rocky Horror Show at the Theatre Royal Brighton

Peer Action’s latest social event for Rocky Horror at the Theatre Royal in Brighton was a successful sell out. The group met at 112 Church Street before moving on to the theatre itself. 20 people in total attended with a mixture of HIV+ and non affected friends and family as well as women and heterosexual couples showing that Peer Action is succeeding in breaking down stigma and isolation.

A great show followed with the whole audience participating in the Time Warp. Afterwards some went home whilst others carried on the evening with drinks and a meal followed by going to the after show party. Comments made were “A great evening, Thanks” andIt was nice to go to the theatre with others in the same situation as me without discussing the topic. Just a fun night out with a great bunch of people” Jimmy: Peer Action.

Peer Action continue to other a wide variety of outings and activities throughout January and February for those living with and affected by HIV.

  • Dan’s yoga classes continue to run at St Mary’s Hall, 61 St James Street, on Monday, 14th January and every Monday after. Sessions begin at 6pm and run for one hour. Yoga cost £3.00 per session, No need to book, mats provided.
  • 21st January and the 18th Feb see Peer Action at the Gala Bingo Hall for a revisit to their ever popular evening out, a time to make new friends and the chance to win some dosh.
  • Peer Action continue to offer a wide range of complimentary therapies by qualified and insured therapist at the extremely low cost of £5.00 on the 26th January and the 23rd February,  at THT building, 61 Ship Street, Brighton. Treatments include: No Hands Massage, Energy Healing, Shiatsu, Bowen Therapy and Ear Acupuncture. For more details on times and how to book, please visit the Peer Action website.
  • Take some bandages to wrap up your split ribs from all the laughing on you’ll do the Sunday, 3rd February, as Peer Action repeat the popular trip to gay comedy night, Bent Double at the Komedia Brighton with Zoe Lyons on hosting duties and Tom Allen (very funny, Google him) as the headline act. Discounted priced tickets available from Peer Action.

Looking ahead to March, Ian from Peer Action is also organising a trip to Brighton’s annual alternative panto
– ‘Jack and his Big Stalk’ on Sunday 3rd March:

 “Join us at the Dome Theatre, Brighton and rekindle the Christmas spirit with an evening of high camp and comedy as we shake Jack’s magic beans and watch his mighty stalk grow. Optional meal beforehand at Donatello’s at 5pm, followed by the performance – those not coming to the meal meet Ian in theatre foyer at 7.15pm. Tickets at the specially reduced price of £16.50 will be available to purchase shortly on the Peer Action website.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Ian, Peer Action.

and finally a message from Jimmi & Mike

Possible new Meditation classes

Peer Action is offering to run a drop in meditation class and we were wondering what you all think. Is it a good idea? How likely would you be to attend? How often should it run? How much should it cost taking into consideration Hall hire and Instructors expenses etc. Please if you are interested in such a class let us know by dropping a quick reply to this email. Your comments and ideas are important to us and help
us provide activities and events you want

For more information on all of Peer Actions activities and how to get involved, please visit www.peeraction.co.uk


Consider donating to a Brighton LGBT charity this Christmas

Christmas is the giving season and so whilst doing your last minute shopping gifts for friends and family, think about sparing a few moments of time on-line and donating something to charity this Christmas. I’ve compiled a list of LGBT charities in Brighton & Hove for you to consider where you can donate directly via their sites.

The Mayor’s Charities

The Mayor currently supports three Brighton charities: LGBT youth project Allsorts Youth Project, The Martlets Hospice and the Brighton Women’s Centre. There are two events in 2013 that will raise funds for these charities , a quiz night and a variety show– so why not purchase a ticket to one of these and help three local charities at once!


Rainbow Fund

Many of Brighton’s LGBT charities are still reliant on grants to remain sustainable. With grants becoming decreasingly available and increasingly competitive, The Rainbow Fund (initially set up to provide for the AIDS memorial) now supports ‘Pride Brighton & Hove’ and raises funds from the local LGBT community to provide grants to local LGBT and HIV/AIDS organisations. So why not donate and know your money is helping keep Pride as an annual event in the city and is helping support directly local charities from the LGBT community. http://www.sussexgiving.org.uk/how-to-give/donorview.php?id=57

Sussex Beacon

Last year the Sussex Beacon launched an appeal to raise £150,000 to keep its HIV Inpatient Unit open. How about supporting local LGBT group ‘Bear Patrol’ who are entering 22 runners in the Brighton Half Marathon on 17th February.


Team Runners are:

Danny Dwyer, Adam Betteridge, Jonathan Terry, Ian Chaplin, Mark Flood, Shaun Roe, Paul Brown, Robert Taylor, Jason Bramwell, Nicolas Collins, Susan Luxford, Colin Bentley, Martin Still, Margot Uden, Robert Sz, Antonio DaVinci, Lawrence Simpson, PJ Hopper, Ant Pay, Deborah Wolf, David Wilkes & Fiona Coad-Window.

LGBT Switchboard

As well as a helpline for those in distress or just wanting up to date information, Switchboard provides face to face counselling service with professionally trained LGBT counsellors.



Rise is a charity which supports women, children, young people and families affected by domestic abuse in Brighton & Hove and across West Sussex including specialist services for those who are LGBT and experiencing domestic abuse.



MindOut is a mental health service run by and for lesbians, gay men, bisexual and transgender people. Based in Brighton and Hove, we provide local services such as advice, information, advocacy, peer support group programmes, and a food & allotment project.

http://www.mindout.org.uk/ (scroll to bottom of their home page to donate)

Lunch Positive

Lunch Positive a community space for everyone with HIV providing enjoyable and quality food that’s well balanced and incorporates a persons ’5 a day’ portions of fruit and vegetables. They also provide information, advice and support with healthy eating and nutrition, as well as information on other local groups and services and run healthy eating and cookery events.


The Carer’s Centre

Through their ReachingOUT initiative the Carers Centre for Brighton and Hove provides information and support to carers from the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities supporting those caring for a partner, relative or friend who needs help because of illness, disability, substance misuse or old age.


The Men’s Network

The Men’s Network in Brighton & Hove is a charity committed to creating a city that works for everyone – men and boys included – committed to helping every man and boy in our city to fulfil his greatest potential by taking action to improve men’s health, support dads, help boys do better in school and give children more access to male mentors and role models.


Terrence Higgins Trust

THT provides free condom and lube across the The Scene for the LGBT community. They provide fast HIV testing and offer support, information and peer support groups to those diagnosed as well as campaign the safe sex message.


The L-Project


Ten months ago The L Project released the chart topping charity song “It Does Get Better” with contributions by local lesbian singers. All the proceeds and royalties collected are being donated to Stonewall and Diversity Role Models, both charities who help prevent LGBT bullying in schools. You can help the cause by sharing the Official Music Video from Youtube and download it from iTunes or Amazon now:

















HIV+ testing week



This week is national HIV testing week, in a drive to help reduce the spread of HIV and to ensure people live to a ripe old age.

Back in the day, no one wanted to get an HIV+ test as there was no cure and the life expectancy of those who were tested positive was around five years. Thankfully since then there has been huge advancements with protease inhibitors, the medication that stops HIV from reproducing and attacking the immune system.

Many people living with HIV are able to work and live a normal life, knowing that their life expectancy is the same as someone who is HIV-.

It is a simple fact that people are still dying needlessly by getting HIV+ symptoms and then finding it is too late to begin the life saving course of medication. Although the idea of having to take a course of medication everyday for the rest of your life can seem daunting, the medication available has improved greatly with most people only needing to take up to five tablets (in some cases less), once a day.

The two groups who are most at risk of getting HIV are people from African communities and Men who have sex with men. Put simply, if you are in either of these groups, and have not had an HIV test in the last six months then this is your wake up call. Get tested this week.

The Terrence Higgins Trust Brighton  will be offering ‘fast testing’ at the THT office, 61 Ship Street, BN1 1AE, from Monday 26th – Thursday 29th 11am -8pm. Walk-in clinic, no need to book



Frighten Brighton Classic Horror Film Festival for LGBT horror fans

Film Festival starts tomorrow Saturday 11th August 2012 from 12 midday @ Komedia Brighton

Richard Gladman, aka Cyberschizoid and Sarah James (Scare Sarah) are queer, live in Brighton and love horror films and culture!

They have been running classic horror film screenings mainly in London and Brighton for over a year now and have an ever-growing following of LGBT horror fans that have been regularly following and attending their events. Richard & Sarah are unique in the horror industry as two of the few openly “out” people working in this field, writing, promoting and arranging horror film themed events.

Cat People (1942) we feel is of particular interest to our gay and lesbian audience due to the surprisingly overt lesbian subtext in this tale of the supernatural meets sexual oppression – or is that suppression?

‘From the brains behind the Classic Horror Campaign, Cyberschizoid and Scare Sarah present Brighton’s newest annual movie event the FRIGHTEN BRIGHTON CLASSIC HORROR FILM FESTIVAL! Held at Brighton’s premier entertainment venue and new Picturehouse cinema partner, The Komedia, join us for a day of celebrating horror films through the decades – from the terrifying story of obsession in Mad Love right through to the gory insanity of Phantasm!

Look out for exclusive prizes and film merchandise from Hemlock Books and meet our very special guest – presenter of the Horror Channel and star of cult horror films Cradle of Fear and Evil Aliens, the lovely Emily Booth! There will also be an opportunity to network after the films until 11pm at the bar.’

Join for the whole day or just the individual films, but whatever you do, be there and be scared!

Ages: 18 + all shows. £15 all day pass or £5 per film.

Running Times
12pm – Doors open
Mad Love (68mins) 12:30pm – 1:48pm
Cat People (73mins) 2pm – 3:28pm
Them! (94mins) 3:40pm -5:24pm
Plague of the Zombies (90mins) 5:45pm – 7:25pm
Phantasm (88mins) 7:50pm – 9:28pm

Email: frightenbrighton@yahoo.co.uk

Tickets: http://komediabrighton.ticketsolve.com/shows/126525115/events
Website: http://frightenbrighton.wordpress.com/

Upcoming Trans* Equality Scrutiny with BHCC


Brighton and Hove City Council (BHCC) is carrying out a trans* equality scrutiny. This is where a small group of councillors investigate an issue in detail and make public recommendations for change. Councillors Phelim Mac Cafferty, Denise Cobb and Warren Morgan, along with two independent trans people want to hear from a wide range of trans* people and others with an interest about the issues. They will write a report based on what they hear, making recommendations for action.

LGBT HIP has been commissioned by BHCC to facilitate the involvement of trans* people and others with an interest. There are several ways that you can get involved including online, through the local trans support groups and by contacting the council directly. You can find all the details on our website or on the flyer below but we especially want to draw your attention to the open public meeting. This will take place on Tuesday 10th July, 17.00 – 19.00, Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton, BN1 1AF. Free snacks and drinks provided. The venue is wheelchair accessible but please let me know in advance if you have any other access needs.

Needless to say, this is going be a crucial meeting for the trans* community locally and a chance to really help shape the council’s equality agenda in relation to trans people, so we’re really hoping for a well-attended meeting. Please do come along and pass on to all your contacts who may be interested. Getting the word out through the social networking sites would also be really helpful.


Don’t forget, the first session of the quarterly trans* sexual health clinic session will be on the evening of the 8th of August – so keep the date! Claude Nicol is trying very hard to make itself more accessible to trans* people. This is a pilot to see what the response is from the trans community so let’s show our support, spread the word and take up the services offered. All clinic staff have had trans* awareness training.

We are also looking for two volunteer hostesses or hosts (who may or may not be trans) to greet new arrivals and welcome them to the clinic, as for many this will be a new experience. So if you think you may be interested, please email Ben Castle c/o nicolas.douglas@tht.org.uk. Full training will be given. We also need to come up with a name for the clinic, so please email your suggestions too.

You can also connect up with LGBT HIP via their Facebook Page or by following them on Twitter.

Sign up to receive regular updates and take part in their surveys, you can enter your details here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LGBT-HIP-SignUp

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