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12 Amazing Date Places In Brighton and Hove

Brighton and Hove is the gay capital of the United Kingdom, thousands flocking every year for the infamous Pride Festival. Not just a gay attraction, Brighton and Hove are steeped in history and culture, especially the creative kind. There is a veritable treasure chest of attractions to meet your date’s tastes, and here are just  12 of the hundreds of things you can do on that special date.

Ross Boat Tours
For a laid back date, take a stroll along the beach to West Jetty of the Marina and climb aboard the Ross Boat Tour. You will have three options for their boat rentals: a 90-minute mackerel fishing adventure, the 45-minute pleasure trip, and finally, the 25-minute speed boat ride, one that will speed up your already racing heart.

Brighton & Hove Seafront
Once you have returned to dry land, spend some time with your partner strolling along the Brighton and Hove Seafront. Take a lazy walk and soak up the sun during the day, or watch sky change colours as it sets over the Channel. If you are feeling puckish, you have many small cafés and restaurants to choose from, and at night the seafront really comes alive as the multitude of nightclubs open their doors – Brighton is renowned for some of the best clubs in the UK.

Brighton Museum And Art Gallery
Brighton is a Mecca for arts and culture, so how about a more sophisticated date at the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery. The museum boasts an abundance of modern art that will intrigue even the most discerning connoisseur. You’ll experience the permanent exhibits known at the gallery, and as this may be, there are pieces always rotating, so you’ll witness something different on every visit. The best aspect by far is the free admission!

The Brighton Sauna
During the 18th century, Brighton and Hove became a popular destination for bathing, and this status has remained for over a century. Take your date to Sauna and gift them a rejuvenation and intimacy only the Brighton Sauna can offer. The sauna only costs £15, with a student discount admission of £5. The Sauna can hold a maximum of 20 people, and as well as the relaxation facilities, it also provides a dining area, massage area, a wonderful 15-seat cinema. As you are on a date, you may want to hire one of their 20 private.

Blanch House – Brighton
I’m sorry, but there really isn’t another city quite like Brighton and Hove for a proper party atmosphere on a night out. After a heavy night partying, stay at Brighton’s sexiest hotels – Blanche House. Being Brighton’s first unique boutique style hotel, you’ll experience true class, as it has set the standards so many try to emulate today. Sip amazing cocktails surrounded by crimson draped and drown in complete decadence.

Helicopter Ride – Brighton
Brighton is a city packed with every kind of entertainment you could ever dream of. To make a massive impression on your date, whisk them skywards in a helicopter, where you can view this vast seaside city from a very unique angle. One you’ve both landed, find a bar, restaurant or art gallery, and talk about the breathtaking ride and what you fancy.

The A-Bar
If the hectic club scene isn’t really your cup of tea, check out the A-Bar. Attached to the Amsterdam Hotel, this bar offers the best for a casual nightlife experience. 2011 saw it completed renovated and now provides a relaxed and elegant atmosphere. Spending an evening here will ensure you and your date have nice conversation with a beautiful backdrop of the English Channel.

The North Laines
The North Laines are known as “the heart and soul of Brighton”, a unique shopping experience tying all of Brighton’s culture together in one place. However, the North Laines are not actually lanes per se, but more of an area of connecting lanes – it’s easy to get lost. The square mile of land guiding you down to the southeast from Brighton’s train station is home to over 300 shops, 37 cafes, 22 pubs, 4 theatres, 2 museums and a library. Take your date for a wander around the North Laines to really get what Brighton is all about.

Brighton Pride is July 3rd this year

Brighton Pride is July 3rd this year

Brighton Pride
2013 is said to be the most exciting year for Brighton Pride, one of the most talked about and celebrated festivals in the UK. For the first time there’s a Brighton Pride Arts & Film Festival 19th July – 4th August – this includes special screenings of LGBT interest movies at the Duke Of York cinema, as well as art and photography exhibitions, encouraging even more involvement with our community. Another welcome addition to the 2013 line up is ‘Pride at the Fringe’, a season of spectacular Pride Gala shows taking place with the Brighton fringe festival at the amazing Ladyboy’s Sabai pavilion. This is the perfect place to take a date, with so much on offer and an ultra gay atmosphere.

Kemp Town
The gay Brighton village Kemp Town’s main focus is around St. James Street and the gay seafront venues east of Brighton’s infamous pier. There’s a massive choice when it comes to shopping in Brighton, with some of the most unique shopping in the UK, from the North Laines to gay-friendly Kemp Town. From kitsch to cool, there’s something to satiate every gay and lesbian taste.


The sister cities of Brighton & Hove have established themselves as a mecca for queer people from near and far, and will be the perfect backdrop for whatever  intimate scenario you have planned. Whether you are seeking to celebrate a new relationship or stoke the fire of an old one, you will find what you’re looking for here. If you want to have your dream date in Brighton & Hove but don’t have somebody to take with you, don’t fret as there are many options for you.

There are many local community groups and meet-ups you can check out, online dating websites and chat line options (Check out Gaynetwork dating) are rising in popularity for people to find each other in their quest for love and companionship.

If you let yourself be shot by the arrow of Eros and make your way to Brighton & Hove; it will be an experience you will not regret.

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James is a writer who lives in Hove, works in London and loves all the scenes in Brighton & Hove. Creative and also loves Eco living. If you would like to contact James here is his LinkedIn


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  1. Adam says:

    It’s the “North Laine”!

  2. Danny says:

    Nice article but I am astounded by the inclusion of Brighton Sauna. That’s pretty much the most inappropriate idea for a date I’ve ever heard. For a start the ‘wonderful 15 seat cinema’ is a porn cinema with wipe clean benches. Maybe you’d enjoy the experience if your idea of a great date is being surrounded by masturbating strangers.

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