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Which is your favourite gay icon?

Brighton LGBT Pride which takes place on August 3rd have announced this years theme as ‘gay icons’. On hearing this it immediately made me think of my girlfriend who’s obsessed with David Bowie and will be cheering the loudest for any parade entry with a Ziggy theme. It might even inspire her to dress up with his iconic flash for the occasion too. My face paints are at the ready!

Gay icons is a great theme to get us all excited this year. Synonymous with the LGBT community we’ve all got a love of someone from the glitzy diva’s we like to emulate to the sports personalities we admire.

It’s also a great theme because gay icons are allies or those who are out and proud – those who have stood up publicly for LGBT rights, equality for all and challenged those who have been against us. With the equal marriage Bill currently being debated in the Houses of Parliament and LGBT bullying in schools at the forefront of major campaigns to tackle the issue; celebrating and acknowledging those that publicly stick up for us whether gay or straight is a powerful and important message.

Whilst names like Martina Navratilova, Claire Balding, Jane Lynch and Pink immediately spring to my mind as great lesbian icons, I did a quick Google search to see who else we might see represented in the parade. It will be particularly interesting to see the generational differences for people’s icon choices.

I got distracted by a ‘Which Lesbian Icon Are you?’ quiz on the website AfterEllen. They’d identified the following as key (American) lesbian icons: Gertrude Stein, Wander Sykes, Ellen Degeneres, Rachel Maddow, Peppermint, Patty, Martina Navratiova, Xena, Warrior Princess and Melissa Etheridge. Half of these I’ve no idea who they are!

After 12 questions about my personality, life style and contributions to the LGBT community it announces my result declaring me akin to gay icon Rachel Maddow, an American television host, political commentator, and author.

Which LGBT icon will you be eager to see and who do you think you’re most like?


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