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What’s ‘Jan’s Coming Out’ all about?

Tomorrow the Brighton Jubilee library has a free film screening of  ‘Jan’s Coming Out ‘ at 1pm as part of LGBT History Month.

If like me you find lesbian films rather excruciating to sit through and generally unappealing, Jan Walker from the team behind the film, assures me and you that,

“It’s an upbeat celebration of lesbians in contemporary living and is a feel good movie”


So what is the film about Jan?

“I’m the interviewer/presenter. I interview a lot of “celesbians” – celebrity lesbians in the UK and USA. There’s serious questions but also fun dating and flirting tips including how I as a 50 year old “baby dyke” can find romance!”

In 2011 Zhoosh caught up with Jan from ‘Jan’s Coming Out ‘ at Brighton Pride when the film had just launched. She talks to Mel and Lucy from Zhoosh about the project, how she came to do the interviewing for the film and what it’s like to go on a lesbian cruise!”


Jan’s Coming Out. Interview with Jan Walker during Pride 2011 by Zhooshbrighton on Mixcloud


Still not inspired? Watch the trailor to get enticed.




Find out more about Jan’s Coming Out

on their website: http://www.janscomingout.com.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jans-Coming-Out/174571229256182.

Twitter: @janscomingout.

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