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HIV+ testing week



This week is national HIV testing week, in a drive to help reduce the spread of HIV and to ensure people live to a ripe old age.

Back in the day, no one wanted to get an HIV+ test as there was no cure and the life expectancy of those who were tested positive was around five years. Thankfully since then there has been huge advancements with protease inhibitors, the medication that stops HIV from reproducing and attacking the immune system.

Many people living with HIV are able to work and live a normal life, knowing that their life expectancy is the same as someone who is HIV-.

It is a simple fact that people are still dying needlessly by getting HIV+ symptoms and then finding it is too late to begin the life saving course of medication. Although the idea of having to take a course of medication everyday for the rest of your life can seem daunting, the medication available has improved greatly with most people only needing to take up to five tablets (in some cases less), once a day.

The two groups who are most at risk of getting HIV are people from African communities and Men who have sex with men. Put simply, if you are in either of these groups, and have not had an HIV test in the last six months then this is your wake up call. Get tested this week.

The Terrence Higgins Trust Brighton  will be offering ‘fast testing’ at the THT office, 61 Ship Street, BN1 1AE, from Monday 26th – Thursday 29th 11am -8pm. Walk-in clinic, no need to book



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