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e-petition ‘Put Alan Turing on the next £10 note’

In this age of ‘celebrity’, where people vote to keep in a gay man singing badly on a talent show, it really is refreshing to know that there are thousands (22,573 at the time of writing this) who have voted on an e- petition for an image of another gay man, Alan Turing to be on the next ten pound note.

Unlike X-factor’s Rylan Clark, whose contribution to the mankind stretchers to be a bit annoying; it is men like Turing who is not only considered to be the person who sparked the development of modern day computer science, but was also instrumental in cracking the Germans WW2 Enigma Machine. It is because of men and women like Turing, that the Armed Forces were able to impede the Nazis plan to invade the UK.

As entertaining/funny/ annoying (delete as appropriate) as Ryan is, in twelve months time a new pop puppet will be on hand to slip into that role. Here’s hoping that in the same time the powers that be will give Turing further recognition for his contribution and sacrifice (Turning committed suicide after a year of undertaking aversion therapy having been found guilty of being a homosexual in 1952.

The next step for Turing’s image to be considered by the Backbench Business Committee is for the e-petition to surpass 100,000 votes. The competition is fierce, but if the general public are as passionate about Turing and his accomplishments as they are about keeping Rylan in the game, then there’s every possibility that a gay man who ensured the freedom of the UK as well as having the vision of the computer age can grace the back of the next ten pound note.


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