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Allsorts Youth Project launches ‘Bi Network’ for young people

Bisexual young people are often categorised in the L and G brackets of LGBT, and therefore can sometimes become invisible.  Moreover, many don’t realise bisexual people have specific needs and issues which need to be considered and addressed.

With this in mind, Allsorts Youth Project has set up a Bi Group, simply named ‘Bi Network.’  This group intends to ensure there is a safe and specific space for young people who are bisexual, pan/omni/polysexual, queer or see their sexual orientation as fluid.

Allsorts Youth Project logo

Allsorts believes it is important that there is the opportunity for young people to safely express how they feel about their sexuality and have a place to access support, advice and help.  Likewise, they believe it is important for bi young people to meet and discuss issues with other like-minded young people.

Mel Berry, the worker who has set up and runs the group has said “being a bi young person may be seen as being ‘cool’.  In reality it’s very different, identifying as bi means you can experience phobia from many communities, not only the heterosexual community but the LGT ones too.”  She continues: “Many people don’t realise bi people have specific needs and think we just fall into the LGT categories.  That’s really not the case; bi young people face a very different range of issues and therefore can need very different support”

Mel Berry

Mel Berry

Furthermore, Mel’s perspective on the group is that “as much as it will be a place of support; it will also be a place to have fun and meet like-minded young people.”

The group will be led by Mel and supported by bi male, female and trans volunteers.

The group offers:

– The opportunity to make friends with other bi young people

-Support and information about being bisexual

-Fun activities and workshops e.g. art activities, drama, games, film nights etc

-Discussions about what matters to you as bi young people

-Free food and drink

‘Bi Network’ meets in a central Brighton location on the second Wednesday of each month between 5pm and 7pm. Our first session is on Wednesday 9th May.

If you’d like to go along to the group for the first time, or for more information about the Bi Network, please contact Allsorts on 01273 721 211, email info@allsortsyouth.org.uk or drop ‘Allsorts Staff’ a message on Facebook.

You can check out Allsorts website here (www.allsortsyouth.org.uk) and their Facebook page here (www.facebook.com/allsortsyouth)

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